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Floyd Mansberger, Director of Fever River Research, received his bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois (1977, Anthropology) and his master's degree from Illinois State University (1981, History).  Over the past nearly 40 years, Mansberger has participated in a variety of cultural resource management projects such as archaeological and architectural surveys, archaeological excavations, and archival research as well as preparing historic structure reports for historic buildings.  Mansberger has published articles on his research in such journals as Illinois ArchaeologyTransactions of the Pioneer America SocietyHistoric IllinoisWisconsin ArchaeologistAgricultural HistoryJournal of the Illinois Geographical Society, and Western Illinois Regional Studies.  Mansberger can be contacted at

Christopher L. Stratton, Research Historian, Archaeologist and Architectural Historian, began his career with Fever River Research in 1993. A graduate of Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, he received a bachelor's degree (1993) in History.  Stratton has a strong knowledge of vernacular architectural history, material culture studies, political history, and American studies in general.  Prior to graduation, he participated in a study-abroad program, spending a year in Athens, Greece, where he developed an interest in Byzantine Studies.  Christopher lives in Waterloo, Illinois with his three children.  Stratton can be contacted email at